PDF Watermark Remover

PDF Watermark Remover FAQ

How to start

  1. Select a sample PDF (Usually the sample PDF is the original files that you want to remove watermark from). All images within sample PDF will be listed in image watermark list window;
  2. Select one or multiple images that you want to remove, then add them to watermark removal list window;
  3. Click "Next >" button to a PDF document list window where you can add multiple PDFs which you want to remove watermark from;
  4. Click "Remove Watermark" or "Remove Watermark and Save as" button to start remove watermark from added PDF document automatically.

What is the preset

presetThe image watermarks you selected can be saved to reuse next time, even you can save several group image setting. When you want to process similar files, you do not need use sample PDF file to select again. Just select a preset is OK.

What mean "Failed because file encrypted."

The file has been encrypted, can not be removed watermarks. You can find some other software to remove encrypted. We recommend A-PDF Restrictions Remover

How to purchase

The PDF Watermark Remover is NOT free. But you can download trial version which will add a new watermark to try.

The price of the product is only $99. The price is one-time fee, you can use it with unlimited time and unlimited files. Click here to buy now.

How about upgrade

The upgrade will FREE LIFETIME. That means you once you order it, you do not need pay for any upgrade fee again.

My watermark can not be removed, how to do?

There are various watermark, PDF Watermark Remover may NOT process yours. That is why we always tell people to try it yourself before purchase it. We provide customization for your files as well. The process to get a customization is below:

  1. Send us an email with an example PDF file which contains the watermark, and tell us what you want to remove. Email to: .
  2. We will evaluate the file, and quote. The price will about $100-$300 for each type
  3. If you accept our quote, you need to pay us first
  4. As soon as we getting the payment, we will start to work and finish it in one week
  5. After we finished it, you will get a link to download a special program to process your files with same watermark. No time limited, No file number limited!